The Essentials


Sometimes folks ask me to describe what is essential to a captivating photo.  Usually they say it in a more “everyday” way, like “How can I take a good picture?”.  I can be a bit philosophical at times, so depending on the circumstances I might go on at length about the more esoteric points of image making.  But in the end, it tends to come down to light and line.  Interesting light means light that isn’t all the same. In other words, shadows.  And line comes down to convergence – our eyes like lines that close in on one another.  Maybe it makes us feel more secure in a world where we don’t control all the variables.  Oops – waxing philosophical again.

At any rate, this brides dress had plenty of drama – too much to really capture with her standing on flat ground.  So I got her to climb up on a post (not a fence post, but a nice, big, flat-topped, safe post) so we could let the light and shadows draw our eye up the line of the dress.  Light, line, a bride that was willing to join in the creative process…and the result is an interesting photo.  Nice work, if you can get it.

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