Dance Like No One Is Watching


My son Cale enjoys hip hop dance. He has what sometimes seems to me a curious sort of relationship with the discipline. He REALLY likes to dance, but is quite indifferent to the musical genre outside of dance, and also isn’t especially driven to perform for others. So getting photos of him dancing isn’t always straightforward.

This photo says something better with darkness than it could have with light.  It was taken during rehearsal, so the hall was already almost empty. Then, just to take it one step further, it was taken during a break in the rehearsal, when most of the rehearsal observers were out of the room.  The camera position was at center stage, facing what would be the audience (a position that is pretty nearly impossible to get to during a performance).

When I saw the empty hall, and Cale in the wings, I called to him and asked him to head out onto the stage and dance. He obliged, and together we made what is my favorite photo of him as a dancer. He is dancing his heart out, and (quite literally) no one is watching. I think maybe that is just the way he likes it.

5 Responses to “Dance Like No One Is Watching”

  1. Jeff Lukin says:

    Beautiful, strikingly subtle and honest. Well done my friend.

  2. Cory A says:

    Cool Tim – I’d love to see him dance sometime. Great photo!

  3. Kimberley says:

    I love this, there is so much depth to it. This image draws me in and I want more.
    Truly Beautiful.

  4. Kev Wood says:

    I appreciate the comments about the tension about Hip Hop Dance as a genre and the subculture. And appreciated other comments as well. Excellent photo, Tim.

  5. Cale Plett - the suject of the Photo says:

    Great picture Dad! I loved having you snap some photos of me, and dancing on a huge, empty stage with no audience is artistic freedom. It’s like singing in the shower – no one’s listening – and you’re free to just go for it.

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